1st video posted, + YouTube channel

Hey everyone-

We posted our first Live Video to the Videos page....check it out! We also started a YouTube channel for all things Wizards: 


We'll try to keep at least 4-5 fresh tracks up here at a time. Check back every 2-3 weeks for new material. Enjoy!



Free download of "Live Free or..."

If you check out the music player, the first track--- "Live Free or...." is a free download. Just click on the MP3 tab next to the track.

We will be posting more free downloads in the future. Please check back regularly! Thanks.

April '10 Wizards tour

Wizards will be traveling westward for a first U.S. tour in early April. This is our first-ever tour. If you live in the vicinity of any of our stops, we promise to give you our rip-roaring and ethereal best!

We will be playing:

THUR. APR 1st - Columbus (Skylab, w/Lukas Ligeti)

FRI. APR 2nd - Toledo (Robinwood Concert House, w/Lukas Ligeti)Indianapolis (April 2nd and 3rd)

SAT. APR 3rd - Indianapolis IN (EarthHouse Collective for the Blank Slate festival)

SUN. APR 4th - Springfield IL (Norby Dan's, with the End Times Trio)

MON. APR 5th - St. Louis (Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center)

TUES. APR 6th - Louisville (Derby City Espresso)

WED. APR 7th - Cincinnati (C13 Gallery)

We will have two cds for sale on tour-- our newest (and acoustic!) recording, with GC on grand piano.....and our debut album done in 2009, "First Union Re-Union"