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Adam Smith – Drums/Electronics

Adam Smith’s musical journey is one of many different destinations and directions. Playing and performing professionally as a session musician since the age of 16. Adam has thrust himself into almost every musical situation imaginable. His perpetual passion as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger lies in his quest to elevate the essence of the moment. To use styles of music as only a foundation to project a further concurrence between the music and listener. His passion for fusing his Film and TV music experience, jazz idioms, art installations and free-improvised directions creates an extremely unique landscape for the adventurous musician and listener.

After spending many years developing his skills with musique concrete and modular synthesizers, his awareness of how psycho-acoustics affect a listener became an important module in his definitive sound-vision. The intensity and dynamics of live performance is also of equal polarity. Adam is well known for his long-standing association with the highly-regarded progressive metal trio Deadsea. Other projects include a duo with German avant-garde pianist
Simone Weißenfels . Jazz-Fusion group Descendre with Bassist/Keyboardist Jim Tussing & Drummer Justin Campbell. A quartet with futuristic jazz keyboardist/composer Scott Steelman & Reedman Dr. Michael Cox. Touring with master Saxophonist and Poet Elliot Levin. Recently, he has also performed with Christian Howes' Dangerous quartet w/ Drummer Reggie Jackson and Organist Bobby Floyd.  Also he been performing live stereo and quadraphonic solo performances for prepared 8-track tapes & synthesizers teaming up with visual installation artists Kevin VanScoder & Stacie Sells.

He expresses his duties in a musical scenario as more of a shape-shifter. Not only within the music happening, but with what is happening in the environment the music is made in. Adam’s passion it is to project a musical experience that pulls everyone into the creative energy of the moment.


"Playing with Wizards is like a homecoming. It inspires me to pull from the inner depths of the spiritual and creative self. To have such musical brethren within this group propels each of us into higher altitudes of musical freedom and destination. It's a gathering of brothers who have a pure affinity for allowing the music to vessel through us as a collective. To offer our energy and intention of elevation to the listener and to the swirling presence that is art through music and sound. It's also a way to celebrate my immense gratitude for life and music with zero pretense or pre-conception. To drink from the passing stream, to enjoy the firelight amidst the orchestra of the woods and the astral-sky, to feel the summer breezes of the cities at night, and to absorb the photographic of the inspiration that comes with it, to rise with the dawn of the next destination and enjoy the essence of the moment. Conversation. Openess & Sound. Turbulence. Living Space...

I'm excited for the unfolding chapters to come.

Life is a gift and music is the changing skyline of that celebration for me." -Adam Smith