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 '"Wizards is a collective entity devoted to sound exploration across the vast universe we know to be the musical continuum. While the common denominator for us is a passion for experimenting and a disinterest in orthodoxy, the three of us bring distinctly different musical (and social) backgrounds to the mix. These contrasts give the ensemble the backdrop to have some very interesting musical conversations, with each member bringing his influences and musical imagination to bear on a musical climate born of mutual respect and the thirst for playing something that's fresh...."    

 -Hasan Abdur-Razzaq    

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Sea Of Tranquility

Ryan Sparks

Abdur-Razzaq, Hasan / Smith, Adam: Dedications

Columbus Ohio based multi-instrumentalist Adam Smith sure is one hell of a prolific musician. On any given day of the week he can be found either recording or performing with a myriad of musicians in various different styles of music ranging from metal to jazz, and anything in between. One such collaboration is this new brilliant musical dialogue with saxophonist and bass clarinetist Hasan Abdur-Razzaq entitled Dedications. For the most part this eight song offering consists of the duo (Smith is on drums) conversing in an unscripted manner, and it's hard to fathom just how the results could be any more rewarding for fans of improvised jazz.

After the duo makes their way swiftly through songs like "It's On My Mind", "Candles" and "Homecoming" the listener is immediately taken aback by the sheer power wielded collectively by these two likeminded musicians as Hasan demonstrates he is just as adept at unleashing moments of blistering intensity as he is pensive passages of quiet restraint. All the while Adam adds bold splashes of color with his insightful and elaborate accents behind the kit. The only drawback about these first six compositions is that they're over so quickly, and yet it's amazing just how much depth and soul can be poured into a three and half or four minute track.
On the final two songs the duo changes things up a little bit, especially on the eighteen minute "Live Free or Die" in which Gerard Cox (trumpet) and Chris Weldon (trombone) are thrown into the mix. This gloriously abstract composition is made all the more compelling by Adam's 8-track tape manipulations, vintage synth washes on the ARP 2600 and some lush sounding forays on the Fender Rhodes, while Hasan, Gerard and Chris Weldon appear and reappear at different intervals throughout this fantastic electro/ acoustic avant-garde mélange. For the final track "Afterimage" it's one again back to the core duo as this one dips into a bit of Musique Concrete from Smith before Hasan rips off another extended solo that would make the late John Coltrane proud.
There you have it, forty minutes of epic jams and certainly one hell of a mind blowing excursion from beginning to end. You'll be amazed at the level of spontaneity on display here, but also the inherent synergy that exists between these two musicians is almost beyond anything I could describe in words. My only complaint is that this disc had to end. The good news though is that there's more great music on the horizon waiting to be drawn out of the moment by Hasan Abdur-Razzaq, Adam Smith and Gerard Cox as they'll continue to further their explorations with their jazz collective Wizards. Track Listing
1) It's On My Mind
2) Candles
3) Conversation Peace
4) Homecoming
5) Sacromonte
6) River at Dusk
7) Live Free or Die
8) Afterimage
Added: March 30th 2010
Ryan Sparks


"This group blends gritty free improvisation with colorful synthesizer sounds and well conceived changes of instrumentation."
- ThirdStreamMedia.com (St. Louis)


 Gallery : 2739 Edwin, Floor 2, Hamtramck, MI 48212

 Three Improvisations: The James Cornish Ensemble with The Mack Avenue Dance Company
marko novachcoff-reeds
piotr michalowski-reeds
james cornish-trumpet
curtis glatter-percussion and found objects

 An evening featuring three improvisations between some of Detroit's most adventurous improvisers and the city's most active dance company.

The boundless and eclectic Marko Novachcoff has recently returned from an artistic collaboration between the US and Mexico, featuring world renowned improviser Vinny Golia .

Internationally acclaimed Piotr Michalowski, a recent recipient of the Guggenheim fellowship, has been a driving force in the Midwest creative music scene for over a decade.

Percussionist Curtis Glatter has curated creative music venues on both coasts. A former student of Boulez, he is a founding member of the Skeleton Key percussion ensemble, and has performed at festivals around the globe.

Trumpeter and composer James Cornish has performed with a myriad of improvisers, from Perry Robinson to Gino Robair to Jandek. He is currently working on a number of multi-media pieces for performance.

Guest artists performing after the ensemble:

  Hasan Abdur-Razzaq and Kurt Prisbe

Hasan Abdur-Razzaq is a shining light in the midwest creative music scene. Hailing from Columbus, OH, this cellist/saxophonist is a multi-disciplinary artist. He is also an accomplished painter.

Kurt Prisbe is a veteran percussionist who spent a fruitful tenure in Chicago, playing with the windy city's great improvisers. He is a first-call drummer for hard and free bop.


              EDGEFEST 2009  -  REEDS OF CHANGE

                            CONCERT AT THE EDGE

  Wednesday, October 21, 8pm - Nero Galaxy, inclucing  JamesCornish, trumpet, Curtis Glatter, percussion, Piotr Michalowski,reeds, Marko  Novachcoff, woodwinds & flutes.Hasan Abdur- Razzaq, sax, and Kenn Thomas, keyboards.  Improvised  music by a collective of musicians from Southeast Michigan and Ohio.

Radio Broadcast

Hasan Abdur-Razzaq / alto  sax & cello. Ryan Jewell / percussion. WCRS 98.3 FM  Ohio,   July 11th, 09.    Ryan  Jewell / singing  bowls & drums. Hasan Abdur-Razzaq / saxophones & percussion. WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago. Aug. 6th, 08.   Hasan Abdur-Razzaq with Ryan Jewell and Tom Abbs on bass.( Rejuvenation Trio ) Recorded Broadcast  CMU-FM, Public Radio. " Destination Out ". Oct. 28th,07. Michigan